The University of Massachusetts-Boston’s Teach Next Year program is a yearlong, full-time, master’s degree program that prepares educators to teach in urban schools. Teach Next Year is a residency-based model in which students spend a full school year in an urban classroom, working with master teachers.   Residents take coursework after the school day ends and on weekends to complete their curricular requirements. This approach has created an intense and effective model that gives students working in urban schools an opportunity to learn on-site classroom management and instructional techniques while completing their coursework.

How we help

The Trefler Foundation worked closely with UMass Boston to design and develop Teach Next Year. Initially, the program recruited masters’ students to work at Dorchester High School in Boston as a component of the Foundation’s strategy for whole school change. The Foundation provided stipends for student teachers and support for the school-based master teachers. Teach Next Year has demonstrated its early promise as a solution to the challenge of teacher retention in urban schools. The program has become a core offering within the UMass-Boston College of Education and Human Development and has expanded the residency model to place teachers-in-training in both high schools and middle schools.

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