The National Center on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) is a nonpartisan research and policy organization that focuses on improving teacher preparation in higher education settings. NCTQ aims to achieve fundamental changes in education policy and practice as they relate to teacher preparation programs. NCTQ works to shape the capacity of school districts, state governments, and teacher unions to support the education and licensure of well-trained teachers.

How we help

The Trefler Foundation, along with a wider group of Massachusetts funding partners, has supported the publication of the Teacher Preparation Review of Massachusetts, which examines and compares the quality of teacher training in many of the Commonwealth’s institutions of higher learning. The Review is a tool for student teachers who are seeking high-quality training programs, as well as for deans and faculty who wish to improve their instructional practice. The Foundation’s support of NCTQ derives from a commitment to the vital importance of a skilled teacher to academic improvement.

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