Project Bread promotes sustainable and reliable access to healthy food for all.   The organization collaborates with many partners to build pathways for access to healthy food. It also creates and supports programs and initiatives that combat the root causes of hunger both in communities and in schools by developing a strong regional food system, and by advocating for public policies that address hunger, including those policies that affect public school students receiving free and reduced-cost lunches.

How we help

The Trefler Foundation assisted Project Bread to establish the Chefs in Schools program, which helps urban schools improve the quality of their lunches. School lunches are often the most important meal of the day for low-income, food-insecure children and youth. Chefs in Schools placed professional chefs in Boston Public School cafeteria kitchens to work with kitchen staff to create healthier meals that children found tasty and visually appealing. The Chefs in Schools program has increased students’ consumption of healthy foods, exposed students to nutritious meals that taste good, and given school districts the tools they needed to offer healthy, fresh meals daily. Project Bread has created an online library of recipes that use commodity foods in creative ways to help improve the appeal of school lunches, thereby allowing other school districts to incorporate the work of the Chefs in Schools program into their own lunch programs.

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