Daily Table is a nonprofit retail food store with two locations, one in Dorchester, MA and one in Roxbury, MA. Daily Table, founded by Doug Rauch, former President of Trader Joe’s, helps customers make better food choices by providing healthy affordable food and convenient​ prepared​ meals. In addition, ​Daily Table educates and empowers the community by offering free culinary and nutritional classes and workshops that use a hands-on approach to learning basic cooking techniques, and providing ideas about menu planning and shopping tips to support good food choices. Daily Table’s goal is to improve healthy eating which can be negatively affected by cost and access while​ minimizing​ the impact of food waste on the environment.

How we help

The Foundation has partnered with Daily Table to establish its Teaching Kitchen, which gives free cooking classes for people of all ages. Classes focus on the skills and techniques needed to make preparing healthy meals at home enjoyable and easy. Its many classes include topics such as healthy eating on a budget, involving one’s children in cooking, and identifying the best food for its nutritional value.

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