The Cancer and Specialty Patient Navigation Program, based at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Chelsea Healthcare Center, strives to improve access to cancer treatment and specialty care for vulnerable or high-risk patients. The Navigators help patients who need cancer screenings through the process at MGH. Most importantly, Patient Navigators specialize in motivational interviewing and in addressing the patient’s specific barriers to care. The Navigators provide reminders, health education, support, and even accompaniment to appointments, if needed, to ensure that patients get the care they need.

How we help

The Trefler Foundation supports the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Cancer Center Navigation Program at the MGH Chelsea Healthcare Center. With the Foundation’s funding, the Center has added Patient Navigators who have received training that has emphasized Colorectal Cancer Screening. Navigators support patients who have linguistic, cultural or personal barriers with the goal of improving colorectal cancer screening rates. The program has achieved positive results, including identifying patients in early stages of colorectal cancer, when it is most treatable.  

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