The Kraft Center for Community Health at Massachusetts General Hospital incubates and develops solutions to the most challenging, real-world community health problems, executes solutions locally, and then spreads the best solutions among partners locally and nationally. The Center has worked with clinicians in community settings to support and conduct carefully designed projects that test new ideas for treatment and care. The Center  has developed special initiatives aimed at bringing treatment and support to those living with addiction or homelessness. In addition, the Center has promoted research and demonstrated efforts to improve access to cancer screenings for marginalized patients.

How we help

In partnership with the Kraft Center for Community Health, the Trefler Foundation has supported the establishment of the Trefler Cancer Care Equity Grants Program. This program provides pilot funding to collaborative teams within community health centers around Greater Boston. The grants will enable these centers to implement sustainable strategies to eliminate barriers to cancer screening and treatment for underserved populations.

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