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Intent & Approach

The Trefler Foundation was established in 1999 by Pam and Alan Trefler, who serve as its Trustees.  They saw, through their philanthropy, an opportunity to support new ideas in new ways and, in so doing, to create progress and change, especially in communities that experience significant disadvantage.

The Foundation’s mission has centered on supporting inspiration, experimentation, and innovation in key areas: education and workforce development, health care, and healthy lifestyles.  It takes a hands-on approach to its work, becoming engaged as advisor and advocate for the organizations in its portfolio.

The Trustees often see opportunity despite risk.  They seek out emerging leaders and invest in their success and, as a result, have built enduring connections and relationships with their grantees.

The Foundation has a deep commitment to Boston, but will broaden its horizons, nationally and internationally, when breakthroughs can be achieved through strategic alliances. As they celebrate their 20th year anniversary, the Trustees look forward to finding new challenges and helping organizations that are on the front lines of discovery.

Our Core Values

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