Special Trustee Initiatives

As a private family foundation, the Trefler Foundation is proud to support organizations that have special meaning to the Trustees. Current Trustee initiatives include:

Kraft Center for Community Health

The Kraft Center works with the system of community health centers in Boston and around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to encourage young clinicians to follow a career in community health. The Trefler Foundation has established the Trefler Practitioner Program for Cancer Equity, which will work toward finding new ways of encouraging cancer prevention and early detection for vulnerable populations.

YearUp Expansion

Pam Trefler, one of YearUp’s founding board members, has maintained a strong interest in the growth and national expansion of this important organization, which empowers young people from low-income circumstances to enter the world of work on a career path for success.

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Massachusetts General Hospital is one of the country’s premier academic medical centers. The Trefler Foundation is deeply committed to support the innovative and remarkable research and compassionate patient care at the MGH Cancer Center.